Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Wrong Start To An Early Week

I Revised my Essay alot. I went and found a thersarus to use for words that i used way to many times, also added a few more sentences and changed others. And I love it and i feel more confident about it. Friday i will be getting a $40 money order to ship it back..SH*T i just remembered that i forgot to get a folder when i was at the hospital today to mail it in. Now im going to have to go to the post office.
I had apheresis today it went okay now im getting three bags of blood instead of four and coming once a month as usual. Im starting to do my desferal medicine more often at night. Im trying to hurry and get this iron down so i can be done with the hassle of doing this every night.
What can i say the customers dislike me just as much as i hate them. Hates a strong word but it describes my feelings for them ignorant weirdo's! I worked sunday for like 2 hours because i chose to go home early because my boss called me into her office lol. Apparently i got reported three times for doing my job so i told my boss i will not do my job anymore i will kiss they a$$ just as much as they do. her reply "no please do your job your a great cashier".
Why i got reported those three times?
A. I wouldn't let a woman use her husbands card (we're not allowed to) she went back to my boss and lied and said i rolled my eyes i wish i did at the uni-bomber that way it could of been true she said to me though "dont roll your eyes at a customer" and i told her "Last time i checked my mother was at the dollar store" Okay rewind that could of been avoided but i dont care..
B.I wouldn't call on the loud speaker that there was a cat under a car...I work in a shopping plaza with other stores so its a huge parking lot and thats not on my job description to page for a cat under a car. when you start your engine the cat runs. She got mad that i told her i can't. So she told.
C. After i finished ringing a customer up i asked her to take her basket to the front she gets mad.
My boss asked me to stay or i can go home so you know which one i chose on a sunday morning, home. Screw your customers thats how i feel they are ignorant, spoiled, aggravating, i can go on, oh and their kids? Worse then them, tell them what to do..that wont be mine thats for sure. So i went back on monday and my boss asked if i was okay i said "yea but i still hate your customers" she sighed and said dont be like that. Honestly in my heart 3 makes it bad for the rest of them. I don't do what i used to do which was my job. Im bored with this routine of work. Deal with the same ignorant customers who have money to waste on stuff they dont need then come back the next day begging for coupons for their purchase of that day. At kohl's its a "yes we can policy".
I honestly can say this is one of the worst jobs i ever had and im looking for a new one maybe something different i cant do retail. Im so irked with this job my lunches are extended, breaks extended, late, clock in real early, dont ask for credit cards, i just ring em up and get em out. They ask me my opinion about a shirt i tell them MY opinion- its ugly. theres nothing cute in that store anyway its the worst colors and patterns put together ever. They put they customers over employee's- bad mistake.
Im not feeling good so im not going in tomorrow im having sickle crisis in my hip and im having an allergic reaction to the exchange transfusion they can run the store without me hopefully i wont be missed cuz i will not miss them.


Missie said...

I so glad you revised your college entrance essay. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Melissa said...

I know how that is, ppl at my job always running telling on people, makes no sense. I hope you feel better girl.

MISSY said...

I know what you mean about customers. I deal with them all day at the bank. I had one woman tell me "You are hear to listen to whatever I say and I can say whatever I want to you". These companies allow these people to talk to their employees however they feel fit... Welcome to customer service in America. *M*

Dawn said...

Sorry you arent' feeling well...

ADM DESIGN'S said...

Thats good you revised your college entrance essay.

Emmi said...

Sorry you had a bad day at work. In costomer service you have to be pateint & serve them with a smile even if you don't like them or your job all that much. It just goes with the territory. Be pateint & honey ... kill them with kindness.

D said...

crossing my fingers for you. Not sure I could do retail either... people are nasty sometimes.. and to tattle tale? Good loord

a corgi said...

I'm so proud of you that you revised your essay and you thought about a thesarsus (I know I spelled that wrong) to help you with the words!

customers!!! you can never please them; I do think it might be time to look for a new job; could they transfer you to another department at Kohl's that doesn't involve customers? like putting away clothes or something???

(I had sent you an email for your link because I thought I had deleted your link when I deleted my journal, but I found all my links on my Blogger profile so I don't need the link, obviously since I'm here; I did start another journal, but I won't send you the link unless you want it since I seem to be so wishy-washy about journals)


Winivere said...

Trick or Treat! LOL @ work problems. It happens!

Jeannette said...

I'm praying you get into college, I'm glad you've rvised the essay ~ best of luck. People are a pain aren't they? When you're in pain yourself it makes it worse to have to suffer these idiots. I hope you feel better now. Jeannette xx http://jeannettesnewtravels.blogspot.com/

kayla said...

very awesome blog some how i found you looking for things on our sons birth defect esophageal atresia. I wish you nothing but the best.

Teresa said...

I'm sorry you are having such a rough time at work :( I understand your position though, I cashiered at one time in my life and the people were the same way even then...being a waitress now it's kind of the same thing you know? we can't tell a guest "no" for anything unless it's a couple certain items on the menu that cannot be changed. It's sad that people are such selfish people. I'm sorry you are hurting..sending you healing vibes hon. Blessings* Teresa