Friday, February 20, 2009

Guide To Shopping By A Cashier

So Much Has Happened, Will Update as soon as possible just needed to post this.

We are Woman and we love to do what? SHOP. Now If Your Going to shop there are rules to shopping. You ever get that cashier that you think is highly rude for no reason? Guess why its because of your ass. See I get reported because of the jerks that come to my register i do my job im not your babysitter, your homie, your hookup, or your mat. I hate cashiering...There are alot of ignorant or rude stuff customer does and they claim the customer is always right no thats not true. Here are a couple of my pet peeves and from the sound of it a bunch of other cashiers. You may not pay attention to some of the stuff you do but here are a few pointers for your next shopping trip..

1. We've all learned to greet when we were kids so lets try doing it. When a cashier greet you don't look at them like they just said your mother married beethoven.

2. Don't come to the checkout area on Your CELL PHONE and expect us to talk to you while your talkin to someone else, you want to know the total? Get of the got damn phone.

3. Don't bring your Basket, cart, or bag to the Front and expect us to pull every item you picked up out! So We are supposed to pull it out, scan it, fold it or wrap it, bag it, u want a massage with that as well? take that crap out its the least you can do.

4. DO NOT wait until your clothes is bagged to say "I DONT WANT THE HANGERS" IF you didnt want them you could of took them off while you were waiting behind the customer that was being takin care of before you. OR you could of said it before so they could of been removed.

5. There's trash cans around the store or in the bathrooms dont bring me your lunch to throw away.

6. Your Children Aren't Scannable Dont sit them on the damn counter unless you want your child bagged.

7. This is just rude! Dont lay your money on the counter, especially while my hand is out to take it. How would you feel trying to pick up a bunch of coins or dollars off of a flat surface?

8. MEN. Dont flirt to get a discount.

9. MEN. Dont bring a big ass vacuum cleaner or something larger and expect me to lift it..can't help you with that one.

10. Read The sale sign ACCURATELY before you come up to the cash register and curse someone out who does not make prices or the paper it goes on!

Alright lets go shopping ladies!!!!!!!!