Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Once upon a Poor Winter...

College Application

How FREAKIN long does it take??? I mean't i sent it well over a month and a half ago and still no letter has come in the mail. Who was i kidding i knew they wouldnt except me...


This is winter i don't know what it is. Wheres the snow that sticks? Why is it raining so much? Global Warming..


This will be one poor christmas. I mean i was the one who wanted to have a christmas this year and have a good time. I was tired of living in misery hating every holiday that i couldn't share with my brother but i know he wouldnt like me like that so i brought a tree...and lights and garland. I put the tree up and its just there undecorated and plain looking...i havent had christmas in 8 years lol i come down and walk right past the tree...I will get it up and running soon.


Being as though i was out of work due to that terrible infection i had i wont have money to buy gifts. So at the top of the month when i got my SSI i brought a book for my little sister that makes all these noises and she thinks she can read (2 yrs old). I brought a book that i hope will encourage my mom to better manage and to help her better manage her diabetes (she doesnt like to read though). Im Hoping that on Friday (Christmas its self) I will have a paycheck and i can buy my dad some comfortable slippers get my mom an MP3 Player. And whatever else i can afford everyone else see them on they birthday's cuz i aint got it.


I go back to work tomorrow im kind of happy and sad. I was enjoying being Lazy but i need that paper im on a paper chase until my pockets is fuller than the federal reserves