Thursday, March 11, 2010

Loving Him..

Hey guys i know its been a while since you heard from little ol' cherry. And honestly i haven't been reading blogs i do have to ketchup, lol. Only people i have been in contact with are those who are my farmville friends on facebook :(. I think about yall all the time and sometimes i want to blog but homework is more important. I miss yall. Okay so i always have guy problems right. Well school is good but with him it seems to be getting harder because he is stressing me out. New Guy!

Al "Budda" (as in the god)
Okay so my new boyfriend is Albert, he's something im not used to. Budda is into the streets but he used to go to college until he was shot. He played basketball and could of went pro but like alot of young black men something went wrong. He is the same age as me (21) and has both his parents. He's equipped with a bad attitude. Like my father he is a scorpio. Thats one thing i like about him he reminds me of my dad but when we argue its like heaven and hell clashing.

All around he is a good guy but somethings i dont like about him and i learned when i was young you cant change a man. He is someone i want to be with but he makes it difficult for himself. He has trust issues and he's always getting angry over little things. That irks me because i am a silly person who makes fun of anything.

He's over protective and sometimes verbally abusive, i know im telling myself to let him go but its so much good to him besides that he's just stuck in a state of depression. Im making excuses right? it got easier as i got older to let a guy go but its something about him, im stuck honestly.

Loving him is hard...