Sunday, November 9, 2008

Finally My Halloween Photos

Blogger is soooo difficult for no damn reason. It took me days to get photos in my blog through the upload way then it takes years to upload it to the link and i only uploaded three pics at a time. Anyway this was me and my friend sheena's night out on halloween. She was the police officer and i was the Sexy flight attendant. We had fun i have so many more photos but blogger put a nasty taste in my mouth and i dont have patience so here are the important ones.
We Were supposed to go to a club that night but we ended up having more fun on south st. We took alot of photos with random guys and girls (people we didnt know) some just jumped into photos with us those ones i didnt upload but they are good photos lol.

This is me and my mother and sheena, before we left our neighborhood to go to the club. I wasnt paying attention to busy clowning my mom with her silly glasses on.

Okay this guy used to live in my neighborhood and is now a rapper now i heard of his rap name before but never knew it was HIM! So i took a photo with him. His intention was to talk to me but when he realized who me and my friend was out of respect he didnt try and get with me we just took a photo and split..of course i wanted to talk to him He was to be a cutie. Reed Dollaz is his name.

Another photo before we left for south st. I was showing off my boots i paid 49.99 for those damn boots just for that night and trust and believe i will be wearing them again they are to fly not to. my halloween costume was 79.99 i didnt want to wait til halloween when it would be cheaper becasue i dont have time to wait in a line lol.

This guy was okay but im not calling or talking to him he was just fun for the moment. I got my Marilyn Monroe Peircing put back in after a week or so of not having it it was free cuz the hole was still open but he went through the out the way way to put it back in and it hurted like hell so its going through the healing process all over again.

Another photo before we left. She locked me up!

Having fun at home again.

Yes this is when i was preparing to leave to go to my friend house to pick her up and leave for the bus stop and go down south street and have major fun lol. And i did.

Right after i got dressed.


Linda said...

Love the costume you look great! Linda

a corgi said...

all the pictures were great!! you looked stunning in your costume; loved the boots!


Missie said...

I bet South Street was a hoot on Halloween. I haven't been down there in 20 years!

Arriel said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun!!

Melissa said...

luv the pics, is there anyway I can see the rest,lol

ADM DESIGN'S said...

Great pics..Looking great in your costume.

MISSY said...

I haven't had a chance to post mine yet because of my Internet being all messed up. Got a tech coming out today to look at it.

You look really cute! It looks like you had a lot of fun.

AGirlNexDoorCreation said...

I loved all the pix you was a hottie for sure and you are right those boots are fly! wishng you a good week..big hugs,TerryAnn

Barb said...

Love your photos. Looks like you had a great time. Those are some spicy boots.
Hope you're feeling better.
Hugs, Barb (queenb8261)

Joyce said... stuff Diama. You looked great. Cute guy Trying to catch up a little on posts. Glad I didn't miss these pix.
Hugs, Joyce