Friday, January 23, 2009

Preparing For Life

Its Alot of things going on in my life. Some positive others negative.
I've been preparing for life, a real life. School= Career= Money = MY OWN. I don't know when i start school sometimes i have doubts about going. Is this for me? No school has never been anything i liked or love yes i was good at some subjects but still i didn't want to go i mean who really did. But college is different, if you want a better life sometimes you have to force your way through things and thats what im doing. Im trying to get by. Im trying to become what i want to be by doing something i hate to do lol.
I have to fill out FAFSA, I have run into a few road blocks but im still trying. Right now im waiting on my W-2 Form so i can enter my finance info. Im trying to get scholarships and grants but do they offer any to people who have been out of school for long? Most stuff i seen if for fresh out of high school. Maybe i should talk to my social Worker and see if he or the nurses and docs at my hospital can help me find some grants and stuff for my disabilities. All this stuff i feel will work out on its own i mean i barely have funds to pay so im trying to hurry and fill out the FAFSA the faster i do the greater chance of getting more money.
There is something that has been bothering me. You ever feel so stupid that you want to quit doing something positive? You just start thinking negative and feeling negative. Well i been feeling like crap. I haven't done math since 2006 and i have to take an ACCUPLACER Test. Its just a college skill assessment to see where i am mathmatically and english wise. English im great in, math.. no. The last date for Testing is February 27th. I Decided to go get a book to brush up on my math skills so i brought one from borders and it was helping me okay until i got to the part i hate.. Variables. Im stuck and its on the second chapter. I don't know what to do. I just dont understand it anymore its been so long i cant understand how they are getting what and everything. So im just like fuck it. Thats how i feel.
I haven't been up to the school yet for a tour or contacted the school for anything else once i was accepted i just ran with it. I have been trying to get my permit.
Another road block. I can't get it because somehow my mother lost my birth certificate and we just had it not to long ago i swear she is losing her mind. So now i have to go PAY to get another damn birth certificate that may take to long to recieve. Im trying to get my liscense before my state id expires and thats in july. But i don't know how long it will take to get a birth certificate they claim two weeks my friend is still waiting on her daughters and that was a month ago. Then i have to give the school 100 dollars for a spot in the class period i mean damn am i made from money?
I've just been secretly stressing. Keeping it all to myself.
Another thing, I hate my job..point blank.
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Monday, January 12, 2009

College Bound


Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year For Progress

Still working at kohl's, slowing but shortly i will be leaving there. I have to its not good for my blood pressure lmao. I mean i love work good thing is im off tomorow and that is shocking. I guess they figure if the give me my weekends i wont get reported as much lol. Got paid time and a half yesterday so im very excited to see this future crummy check im just waiting on Tax time :)

Still havent heard from them im going to contact them Monday and see whats up. If they didn't accept me i want my forty dollars back LOL.

My new years resolution is turning out so far so great. Im trying to eat healthier im 20 years old with a gut, it has to go. I have a pilates set i brought that came with the ball and pump and everything i will be starting that soon i get some work out gear and then i might join a gym. Im eating healthy cereal instead of the sweet cereal. Im eating Raisin Brand, Mini Wheats, ETC. I've been eating apples when we go food shopping i will make sure to get some yogurt,and different fruits.

My mother is falling apart. She can't walk now somehow some way she pulled a muscle in her groin they think it may be a torn vein in her leg or something like that so she has to go back and get an ultrasound. I called out today to make sure she was fine i was supposed to work but my mothers more important then them jerks.

Im fine i can complained but i did enough just now. Happy New Year!