Thursday, November 19, 2009


There is none in this place sometimes i feel like im in a crazy home or something. Numerous people with skeleton keys able to go in your room if your not there. And lets not forget roommates i hate coming back to find my stuff missing. I think she taking my socks?!? WTF?!! okay your mother works mine doesnt i work myself but that doesnt mean i shop for you and me. I have no problem sharing but socks come on buy a pack from the dollar store or something. I lend people my laptop and that starts a chain of it dissapearing and i have to find what room its in..niggas run stuff in a sorry im black so i know.

I had a good day today despite every thing i keep to myself now. My friends always ask why i dont be in the halls with em..for what this aint highschool and yall not doing anything but causing trouble. Im old leave me be.

I have a 5 page research paper that i havent started and dont know where to start she's gonna be an unhappy teacher and my grade is going to take a hit lol but im still happy cuz i got all of her other work done so it counts for something right?
Thanksgiving break is coming up im so happy to get away from here. I miss my psp and everything i have been seeing great tags and im upset cuz i want to make one! My tag journal and group is so inactive lol
Well im waiting for some of my shows to come on and listen to my ipod talk to yall later.


Winivere said...

Hi, D! Happy New Year, girl!

Jeannette said...

That's not nice to have stuff go missing. Hope you got that research paper done. Happy new year Diama, I hope you can get back to your tag journal soon! Jeannette xx