Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Im back on the Set

Its been a long time since i have written. I need to get back into writing it might help me with my essays more-WAIT i can't just jump right in like i have been here so whats new?

Last i left off i believe i had a boyfriend? Not anymore byren broke up with me.
I went to the doctors one day only to find i had a severe pap smear so they thought i had cervical cancer. One thing about doctors is they always try to make things worse than what it actually is. So when i went back to get this procedure done where they look and see whats going on in there they were hurting me byren was with me. He made it seem like the hpv virus was aids. They explained to him that it goes away but first let me state that they didnt even find hpv they were just looking and unsure. I reached for byren when she started hurting me and he wouldnt hold my hand..i was so crushed. Not only did i possibly have cervical cancer but the guy i loved turned his back on me. FUCK HIM! So the results was back and they saw no hpv but they still wanted me to get this procedure where they burn a layer of your uterus off to start with a fresh uterus. By then me and byren werent together but he was texting me and the full effects of not having cancer set in and the reality of how he treated me really messed me up, guess what he is doing now? Saying how wrong and selfish he was and how sorry he is yea yea yea i took it as though he wasnt a man if he couldnt hold me down i dont want to get back with him and i wont.

I finished summer school despite all that stress on top of it and i got an award. And guess what i got in all my three classes? A'S i didn't think i could do it and i was surprised.

Im not really concerned about guys right now i talk to alot of em right now its just to use them the pressures of being a broke college student is hard lol.

School is going good so far but i wanted to let you know im still alive and i will try and keep you posted. your sassy Cherry!


Missie said...

Hey girlfriend! Glad to see you're okay, I missed you!

Dawn said...

There's my girl!!! I am so glad that the pap turned out to be false and the cryo thingy will help.

I am SOOOOOO proud of you! An award? A's!!! Yeah, I KNEW you could do anything you put your mind to do! When you suffer with chronic shit like we do and pain - honey, conquering the rest of the world is easy!!

Focus on school it will be so worth it in the end. Guys, they will always be there. No rush. Seriously.

be well...

D said...

so nice to see you my friend...glad you're ok and life is keeping ya busy. hugs

Ben said...

Welcome back, Cherry. And you handled things with Byren the right way; I don't know how old he is, but he's clearly not mature enough for a relationship with another person.

Best of luck, and hope things turn out well for you. Keep us posted!


Dawn said...

Miss you... come and update!

be well...