Thursday, June 11, 2009

What Is It With Relationships?

Cupid Shot me again, thats the plus but there is always a minus.
I have been with my boyfriend going on three months and yes i love him. He's funny and much more.
Why do i feel like the girl destined to be single her whole life and will always be in and out of relationships. My cousin moe doesn't date anymore she can't find anybody worth while and im starting to become like her.
My boyfriends mom, just like my ex Reece his mother is an asshole. I don't care to much for his mom. Byren is twenty will be twenty one on october 4th. She treats him like he is four. I remember the first time i met her she was talking about "I don't like other females up my step if your watching tv thats fine other then that byren aint having no kids" WTF? I told her just like this i have a job, starting school i dont have time nor patience for that anyway. I wanted to tell her he is a grown man and he wants sex he can get it whenever and however (You kno my smart ass mouth lol) His mom drinks all the time and is always drunk i dont like people like that. Now we cant chill in his room at all why cuz he had the door shut wow big deal. I have to stay down in the cluttered ass room they call a living room or sit outside on the step. She called byren one time he was over my house for him to come home and take out the trash, that pissed me off its 11 at night he was spending the night, she has a boyfriend who is a fellow alcoholic like her and has another son. He didnt go if he did i wouldnt have said anything to him.
Im so confused by him. He works alot and if and when he has a day or two off you'd think he want to see me. He told me he doesnt want to spend his days off with me all the time. One week he had two days off i asked to see him i got one day when i asked if he wanted me to come see him he said no he didnt want to spend everyday or hour he got off with me. IF your not doing anything but loungin around why can't i hang out we can watch tv and take naps together i have no problem with that but he does, it doesnt sit right with me. Say if he does have a day off and we make plans for it he changes it. He will call me and be like oh well im going out wit hamp cuz they want me to do this wit em or etc and how can you change plans after u make em and you barely see me. I feel like he doesnt care if he sees me at all. And its only been three months!
He takes me out whenever I ask, or if i dont ask.
He's Funny
He's Smart
He has a good job and he loves his family
I can go on forever.
there is so much plus about him thats why i love him but i tend to hang on to the negative things about people. I love him, he says he loves me but you kno men they can wake up one morning and say they dont love you no more. After this relationship im really done im tired of being hurt and walked over.


a corgi said...

(((Cherry))) He seems like a good guy; I don't know, maybe he's just one that likes his "space" and wants some down time instead of being with someone all the time. Hard to know why these men do what they do sometimes. But if he has a good job and loves his family, that speaks something good about him. I'd give it time; its only been 3 months and see where if anywhere it goes. You're still young too, you got plenty of time for men and relationships; just concentrate on schooling and having a good time and being out there when you can hanging with friends and who knows, love could be where you least expect it


Jeannette said...

I'm so glad I'm older and aren't going through the relationship phase that you are now! I remember it well (I'm not THAT old!) and one day you'll look back and think thank God that's over! There are some good men out there, Byren sounds like a good person and I'm sure when he's grown a bit more and stops being under his mothers' influence that he'll make you a good boyfriend and will see you more often. Maybe he needs some space. I'm like that and luckly so is Andy. We used to live in each others pockets and Andy doesn't like it if I don't see him on my days off but he gets over it. Enjoy the weekend, I hope you're doing well. Any moe news on college? Jeannette xx

Missie said...

As long as their is more good things than bad.....sounds like a catch to me.

Ben said...

Funny thing about human nature: if we're standing in an arena with 50,000 people cheering for us, we'll hear only the one wise guy up in the cheap seats who's booing. Sounds like this one has possibilities; just see where things go and keep a level head along the way.


CINDY said...

if your heart says he is nice and you love him and have fun together, then enjoy it girl. there's not that many guys in the world. last i hear there was 10 females born to 1 male. whew glad i married mine 30 years ago and don't have to going to school is a great idea. you can do anything you want to do as long as you follow your dream.


Get In Here Comics said...

Hi. Formerly Insults Blog here. Just wanted to say I'm here with a whole new e-game. Hope all is happy.