Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Its Been A Long Time

Its been since march i have posted. Spent my time lurking around journals but not really having the time to post in my own. It seems like time is just wasting away. I have some days that seem long and some days i just can't fit enough stuff into it. Since i have started this whole college band wagon it has been so much to do so many envolopes coming to my house for me to send right back and running around for this and that. So i have been a stranger here, Sorry.

Already stressful and i haven't even started. I will be starting a summer advance program and i get to stay on campus from july to august which is cool. I get seven credits plus the classes i'll take in the summer are cheaper then what they would be in the fall. Only dillema is coming up with eight hundred dollars myself. I have a two hundred and twenty five already, my boyfriend said he would help me im waiting for his fifty bucks whenever i see him. I don't really want it to seem like im pressuring him for the money because if he wants to give it to me he will and he is a good guy so hopefully he helps. My father said to let him know what i need.

I been worried because i want to work while i go to school but im afraid it might be to much for me and i kno that im not that great at math so i need to spend more time and energy on that instead of rude ass customers.

Its cool i mean it doesnt bother me, because i know someday i will rise and be more than a sales associate and have a way better job then being a manager at a retail store. Im so over this job tho, the drama and everything that comes with it. When i get to work i start this little fantasy world in my head and before i kno it its over. I bite my tongue, and clench my fist from doing what im thinking and saying what i feel. The hours is crappy the pay is crappy but i guess i should be thankful i have a job, indeed.

Im really legal, you thought i acted a fool when i was 18?! ha you ain't seen nothing yet, sike im calm, i thought that when i turned 21 i would be doing this and that. Im not hyped about it at all though what ever happens happens and i will be legal enough to enjoy it until then im not rushing to do anything. It doesnt peak my curiousity yet. I had a get together at my house the weekend after my bday (april 22nd was my bday). OMG i had fun but i believe my BFF had more fun with my damn camera and at my party then i did she has so many pics of herself and her family which i deleted most because after all it was my day. I have some cute photos with my boyfriend that i love and pictures with my mother. I was so on i had everything to drink that was there. E&J, Bacardi, Hurricane, Pina Colada's, Grey Goose got me loose i was dancing and having a good time. We had more liquor than food lol.

He had a good time at my party as well. He is a year younger than me. Thats my baby he is sweet, honest like me, funny, his personality just it does something to me. He is so silly and not about being sad or down or fighting..unless u piss him off. He cursed my cousin out at the party which she deserved and she wont be coming back to my party again right along with another cousin, cuz they was just picking with him. My mom cracked up laughin when he told her "you keep talking you gonna be pullin size 14 bone fragments out ya ass!" My mom likes him she calls him legs cuz he is tall. He is 6'3 and wear a size 14 shoe OMG. He works doesnt ask for much does whatever i want and ask of him.

Well got a doc app in the morning later!


Jeannette said...

It's good to see you back Diama! I've not been around much either, I don't think any of us have since AOL kicked us out. Sounds like you're going to be busy this summer with college, I hope you manage to raise the money. Work's always crappy isn't it? I can think of a thousand things I'd rather be doing with my time, but if I don't work I can't afford to do them! Glad you had a good birthday, happy belated birthday from me! Jeannette xx

Missie said...

It's been a while! I can't believe your 21 already. I remember when I first met you, you were 18! I'm getting so old.

You will be just fine in school and working at the same time. Your a determined young woman who will make something of herself!!

D said...

Nice to see ya my friend... I've not been around much either so I understand. Glad things are going well .. 21?? WTH!?! LOL
I know you'll do great at school
love ya