Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Once upon a Poor Winter...

College Application

How FREAKIN long does it take??? I mean't i sent it well over a month and a half ago and still no letter has come in the mail. Who was i kidding i knew they wouldnt except me...


This is winter i don't know what it is. Wheres the snow that sticks? Why is it raining so much? Global Warming..


This will be one poor christmas. I mean i was the one who wanted to have a christmas this year and have a good time. I was tired of living in misery hating every holiday that i couldn't share with my brother but i know he wouldnt like me like that so i brought a tree...and lights and garland. I put the tree up and its just there undecorated and plain looking...i havent had christmas in 8 years lol i come down and walk right past the tree...I will get it up and running soon.


Being as though i was out of work due to that terrible infection i had i wont have money to buy gifts. So at the top of the month when i got my SSI i brought a book for my little sister that makes all these noises and she thinks she can read (2 yrs old). I brought a book that i hope will encourage my mom to better manage and to help her better manage her diabetes (she doesnt like to read though). Im Hoping that on Friday (Christmas its self) I will have a paycheck and i can buy my dad some comfortable slippers get my mom an MP3 Player. And whatever else i can afford everyone else see them on they birthday's cuz i aint got it.


I go back to work tomorrow im kind of happy and sad. I was enjoying being Lazy but i need that paper im on a paper chase until my pockets is fuller than the federal reserves


MISSY said...

I understand the feeling of not wanting to go back to work!

I hope you hear from the college soon. *M*

Missie said...

It took forever for Nicci to get the letters from schools also. Call the admissions office and see where you stand in the processes. Most of the time, they're waiting for the transcripts from the high school.

Joyce said...

Boy, do you sound down. Sending some happy thoughts your way hunnie. This time of year (especially this year) is so hard on so many. There are families here that are just skipping the whole thing. Sad for the little ones. Hope things improve for you.
Hugs, Joyce

Melissa said...

It sucks not being able to buy gifts for christmas, I just get what I can, the ppl who love u will understand.

ADM DESIGN'S said...

Hope you hear from the college soon. Hope things get better for you.

Melissa said...

I hope you hear from the college of your choice very soon. In the meantime...you say to yourself every single time you think of it..."I am the perfect material for that college and they are lucky to have me apply". Say that at least 25 times a day!!!!! I mean it!

a corgi said...

Missie gave you good advice; call the school and see what the hold up is. I don't think it has anything to do with them not wanting you (they would be foolish to reject your application since you are so smart and I know you will make a great vet tech). It does take time to get everything checked out and approved

do the best you can with getting people gifts for Christmas; its the thought that counts, maybe just being together and enjoying time spent doing something fun, watching a movie together, making or eating cookies, that type of thing will be a good thing this year.

good luck when you go back to work tomorrow; remember it is a stressful time with the holiday and customers will be irritable but don't let that get you down!


a corgi said...

dang, I think Blogger ate my comment because I usually get a notice that my comment will be seen after you approve it and this time I didn't get that. I basically said I agree with Missie; call the school to see what the hold up is; the school would be foolish not to accept you, you are bright and smart and would make a good vet tech.

do your best with Christmas this year; maybe spending time with family doing something fun like watching a movie would be a good thing rather than focus on gifts this year

good luck going back to work; remember its a stressful time for all so don't let the irritable customers get you down


Shelly said...

Good luck going back to work. I know it sucks. I've been sewing for extra money at home but it's killing my back but I just keep on keeping on. Get that tree decorated and maybe you will start to feel the Christmas spirit. That IS what your brother would want you to do. I'm thinking about doing a little scrapbook of my brother that passed for my mom fro Christmas. Put some pics in there and some memories and stuff. : ) Peace.

Linda said...

Keep the faith, you will still get a good letter. I hope work goes good for you. Linda

Amanda said...

((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))))I dont want to go to work tommrow,I hav to cloe,but I guess it isnt to bad.Sorry I havet been here in a while,I am not used to getting around to all of the Blogs.Actullay I clicked on your picture and I came across this Blog.I will add to my list.I also understand about being poor,I know the feeling.I havent been getting any hours and I am so glad to have a great Boyfriend who helps me out alot.I hopw you have a nice weekend.Oh yeah,my Doctor is going to help me get on SSI,I see Him Dec 29th a week after Christmas.Have a nice weekend

D said...

I do hear you about the $$ and work.. and not wanting to go back but wanting too... hopefully things will turn around for both of us and the holiday will be good.
Love ya
PS love the tag :)

Ben said...

I'll echo what Corgi and Missie said about following up with the school. Our boys are in their first year and one thing we've learned from it all is that college administrations are bureaucracies and can't be left on their own. Please don't let go of it. Your college plan is a great way to fight back against all those other situations you posted about it.

Best of luck...

Jeannette said...

I remeber when I was of work sick for thirteen weeks, I hated going back! I hope it isn't too bad for you, once you get back into it I'm sure you'll be OK. It's horrible having no money for CXhristmas, I was like that when my kids were young. I hope you hear from the college soon, they'd be mad not to have you! Jeannette xx

Lisa said...

Stopping by to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas!!!! Sorry I am way behind on journal reading... life has been nuts these days but do stop by when you can.

MISSY said...

Wishing you a Merry Christmas!


Cynthia said...

Waiting for a reply from a college
is a pain.

Giving books with meaning for the
person you are gifting is one of
the best gifts I can think of.

Glad you are feeling better and
can make it back to work.

Arriel said...

Hope you enjoyed your christmas!