Monday, March 2, 2009

Let it snow, let it snow... o wait its march..

So i took my test the friday that past and guess what it wasn't bad. I was expecting a paper test but it was on the computer so it was just point and click something i am used to. I breezed past the math cuz i don't know it lmao. So what i did know i clicked what i didnt i guessed. Then come to find out at the end of the english test i had to write an essay - oh and why would they give me a topic i highly dont care about.
Topic- If you could meet someone famous who could it be? I started to put "No one, end essay." LMAO! Stars don't interest me so i was pissed sitting there trying to lie my way on the essay because i wasnt into it it wasnt much of an essay plus i had shopping on my mind so it was short. They puttin me in three extra classes i don't care because i know i need those classes. A math class and two english classes shocking because im great in english but i think it was that damn essay that screwed me.
Its Cold Outside
Just when i though spring was coming on all those nice days that were in the 50's and then the 20's come back with alot of damn snow. I couldn't even get a white christmas! The snow is late and aggravating and need to go away. I called out because of it i wasnt going out there in that mess i don't love the job that much..I called couldnt think fast so my reason- migraine headache..o well next time it will be more convincing lol.
Snow Day
Im just reading journals and trying to catch up on all of my friends sorry i haven't been around call myself studying for that placement test..HA!
Well yall have a good day.


Amanda said...

(((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))))we have snow to.I am susprised my Dad got out,ts not that bad here and we even got about,maybe 5 inches.Our first snow in a long time.good thing I was off of work.I hope your school work is doing ok.If its not to late,I would love to have my name on the graffic,Amanda.Thanks and have a nice day.

FrankandMary said...

No one end essay Haaaaaa. No. That is a bad vibe on that one. Stars don't interest me that much either but you could pick a person famous for "something," other than fame. Jane Goodall or Queen Elizabeth
:-). I'm glad you are going to school(which I used to bug you about, I know). You are a very smart young lady. ~Mary

Missy said...

I know you did well on your test!

It's cold here too!!

Missie said...

For once, you got more snow than we did! Enjoy your snow day!

Melissa said...

glad the test wasnt bad. I know what u mean about essays. I always was good at english too but essays are always hard cuz they give you stupid topics to write about.

Joyce said...

Hey there. Yes, I waited all winter for some snow and the first day of March brings a nice 7 inches our way. I loved it but wish it had been in
Hugs, Joyce

a corgi said...

glad you've been working hard at your studies, Cherry; if they ask for an essay on someone famous, you don't have to write about a star but you could write about the president or some other public official; that could be interesting right??


ADM DESIGN'S said...

Snowed here too. Hope your week is going great for you

Miss Slick One said...

Now thatI can finally see posts in my Dashboard again, I can play catch-up in Blogs! YAY! LOL
Study hard, girl! LOL I hope you're doing good!!

Lainey Laine said...

Hey hunni - so sorry I havent been by for so long. I have been doing this horrible job that I had to do full time and I was always too tired to go on computer when I got home! Im now finished there and Im trying to catch up with journals again. I hope you are ok hun. Ive not forgotten you! I wouldnt do that! Lots of Love Laine xxxxxx

Lisa said...

Sorry to hear you got snow!! I am ready for spring too!!!

Jeannette said...

I'm glad the test wasn't too bad Diama. I hope the snow is gone now and spring has come your way, I hate the snow and cold weather! Jeannette xx